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A pre-qualification is just your mortgage adviser’s estimate on your ability to buy a home. It’s based on your credit score and some other self-reported details. A pre-qual may give you a good idea on which loan program fits you best, and maybe even how much you’ll qualify for.

A pre-approval officially confirms how much you’re able to borrow. Your income and asset documents go through a more formal review. After getting pre-approved, you’re able to take a more serious look at buying a house. If you’re not able to get pre-approved, your adviser will be able to offer some helpful tips on raising your credit score, lowering your debt, or working through any other financial obstacles preventing you from buying a home.

Most of the time, yes! The fact is, with renting, you’ll never have a chance to earn your money back. When you buy a house, you’re making steady progress toward owning your property. When your loan term is done, you’re no longer paying a mortgage. That’ll never happen when you rent. Plus, you have the opportunity to sell your home and make some money back.

There are three main factors that come into play when being approved for a mortgage:

Credit score. Each loan program has a minimum credit score requirement in order to qualify. Higher credit scores can allow you to qualify for lower interest rates, too.

Down payment. Some loan programs require you to make a down payment of a certain amount.

Debt-to-income ratio (DTI). Your debts should only make up a certain percentage of your income, because you’re about to incur a large and important debt by purchasing a home.

These are all examples of home loan programs that homebuyers can choose from. We offer all four of these, plus several more options. Let’s take a quick look at what makes each unique.

Conventional – Lower rates and fees for borrowers making a down payment with good credit

FHA – Popular with first-time homebuyers due to lower down payment requirements

USDA – Zero-down options for rural borrowers in small towns

VA – Competitive rates, zero-down options, and no private mortgage insurance (PMI) requirement for veterans, active service members, and their surviving spouses.

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